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Shakariya no Sheero is an easy and healthy sweet potato desire or halwa.You can enjoy it during ekadashi, Shravan mahino, navratri or other Vrat or upvaas. It is nutritious as sweet potato is rich in fiber and vitamin A. This is an amazing option for babies or kids. I love the fact that you need to add less sugar as sweet potato itself has so much sweetness. The nuts add a good crunch and milk makes it creamy. This is my aunts recipe and I was surprised to see how delicious this taste. 

What is Shakariya ?

Shakariya or Shakarkani is same as Sweet Potato in English. They are available in different versions and for this particular recipe I like to use red ones that are white from inside.

When can you eat this?

You can eat Shakariya no Sheero during upvaas. It is rich in fiber and also has beta carotene that transforms in to vitamin A. The sheero is healthy and can be given to babies and toddlers. You can make this sheero during Navratri, Ekadashi, Sravan mahino and other fasts.

Step by Step instructions

Boil the sweet potato in an instant pot for 10 minutes 

Mash the sweet potato using fork 

Heat ghee in a pan  

Add the mashed sweet potato and cook till it changes it’s color to dark yellow or orange 

Add the full fat milk for richness or use 2% if not available. Let the milk absorb.

Add sugar and you can adjust sugar based on your desire and I recommend trying the sweet potato before doing that as they vary in their sweetness 

Take 1 tablespoon of warm milk and add kesar to it and swirl it. You can even toast some saffron to help increase the potency 

Add cardamom powder and kesar and mix it well 


Garnish with chopped nuts  and serve it hot 

Shakariya no Sheero | Sweet Potato Halwa

Sweet Potato sheero or Halwa is an easy indian dessert recipe. It is nutritious and can be enjoyed during vrat or upvass. I love how creamy and rich it is and can be made in less than 10 minutes.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Indian
Servings 1 cup


  • 1 medium sized sweet potato or 1 cup mashed sweet potato
  • 2 tablespoon ghee
  • 1 cup full fat milk
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds or nuts
  • 1/4 cup sugar adjust as needed
  • 4-5 strands of saffron
  • 1/4 tsp cardamom powder


  • Boil sweet potato and remove peel and mash it
  • You can strain the sweet potato if it has too many strands for a smooth texture
  • In a pan heat ghee on medium heat
  • Add mashed sweet potatoes and cook for 5 minutes till it changes it’s color
  • Now add milk and cook till the milk is absorbed and it becomes thick
  • Take 1 tablespoon of warm milk and mix saffron in the milk
  • Add sugar, cardamom powder and milk saffron mixture
  • Mix everyone together
  • Garnish with chopped nuts and serve it hot
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