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Welcome to my blog!!! My name is Mansi. I love to travel, cook and eat. I grew up in Mumbai and New York where food scene has always been a major focus. I love to enjoy variety of cuisines and learn and explore different cultures.

I learned to cook when I was 10 years old from my mom, she encouraged me to cook and try new recipes and that gave me confidence in the kitchen. After I got married, my mother in law taught me her way of cooking that was different from my mom and I am so glad that I am able to use many of her tips and tricks even today.

My husband and I spend quality time in the kitchen cooking together. I currently live in Jersey City with my husband and my son. New York is very close to me and I travel to the city every single day. I am a full time pharmacist by profession and I have been working in retail for last 12 years. I started this blog because I always had friends and families requesting for restaurant recommendations and recipes. I was suggesting restaurants based on their area or emailing my recipes. So one day I decided to make it official and share it with everyone and here I am sharing my love for food with all of you.

xoxo Mansi

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