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I have been living in Jersey city since past 6 years and I have tried so many restaurants in the neighborhood. There are some restaurants that are on my favorite list and Uncle Momo is one of them. We love Lebanese or Middle Eastern food as it includes tons of vegetarian options. 

The restaurant offers fusion of  Lebanese and French  cuisines. We come here for their fresh Pita, Hummus and Falafel. The food is always fresh be it if you order in restaurant or order takeout. The ambiance is nothing fancy but super comfortable. They have outdoor seating available. 

We always get their pita as they make it fresh and its super soft and fluffy, I bet it will melt in your mouth. We pair their pita with mezze. Hummus is our favorite from their mezze options as its so creamy and fresh and the flavors are just perfect. We have also tried their Babaganoush that has right flavor of eggplant and garlic. I was not a huge fan of their Beet Moutabel as it had a weird flavor. We also liked their spinach and chickpeas as it was served in tomato sauce that had a spicy kick. We tried their Falafel for the first time during our last visit and it was so fresh, they were crunchy from outside and soft from inside and flavors were so good. In past we have ordered their Ouzi Veggie that is like a Biryani, made with rice and vegetables and this tasted outstanding. The rice was cooked to perfection and the flavors were absolutely amazing. They have different types of Pitza on their menu that is pizza on a pita bread and if you visit them, you must try this one. The pitza base is super soft and thin and the sauces and melted cheese tastes just perfect. They have many flavors and we have tried them all and they taste really good. We haven’t explored their dessert as we are always full with so many vegetarian options they have on their menu. 

The service is very good and when we get takeout or deliver, they are prompt with their orders. 

If you are in the area then I recommend visiting this Restaurant. 



Mezze Platter


My Review 

Uncle MoMo

COST: $$$
CUISINE: Lebanese and French
FAVORITES: Pita, Hummus, Pitza, Ouzi
Taste: 4
Service: 4
Ambience: 3.5
Overall rating: 4

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)