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When we were visiting Bryce national Park, we  looked up vegetation restaurants and found very few options and that is when we stumbled upon this restaurant. We were very hungry and when we called the restaurant they said to come in as soon as possible. We arrived at the restaurant and they were welcoming.

The ambiance of this restaurant was so fancy but we had made sure if were ok to come in casual hiking clothes. They had outdoor and indoor seatings available.

The menu had so many options and everything looked and sounded so delicious. We knew they made bread in house but they said since they serve everything fresh they ran out of bread for that day. We got a little disappointed but the manager assured that other things on their menu is equally delicious. We got their Roasted Beets for appetizer. The beets were served with jalapeños, oranges, tofu cream and drizzle of fried garlic. The whole dish worked so well together the citrus from orange balanced the sweetness from the beets, the garlic added a perfect crunch and can’t beat the jalapeños that gave it a kick. The Yukon gold potato purée was to die for, it tasted so comforting especially after hiking an entire day. I couldn’t stop eating this dish. For main we got Roasted Poblano Relleno. The roasted poblano was served with whipped tofu,avocado, salsa verde and apple. This dish tasted so delicious  as the apple gave it a crunch and sweetness, poblano tasted very delicious as it was roasted and the avocado and tofu cream gave it a soft texture. Absolutely loved how it tasted and salsa verde was outstanding. For dessert we got Hot Fruit Crisp that is toasted oats granola layered on top of a fruit served with Ice cream. The peaches were flavored very well and tasted sweet and warm and the granola added perfect crunch. When combined with vanilla ice cream, it tasted like a party in my mouth.

The service was very good, the waiter made sure we liked everything we ate even though they ran out of lot of things. I highly recommend trying this place if you are in the area or visiting Bryce National Park. If possible try to go early so you don’t miss out on some dishes and make reservations ahead of time. 


Roasted Beets 

Roasted Poblano “Relleno”

Yukon Gold Potato Puree

Hot Fruit Crisp

My Review

Stone Hearth Grille

COST: $$$$
CUISINE: American Fusion 
FAVORITES: Roasted Beets, Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Poblano “Relleno”
Taste: 4.5
Service: 4
Ambience: 4
Overall rating: 4