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Last time I went to Italy, we went to Sicily and we fell in love with their paninis. My profile pictures IG is me enjoying the Panini when I was in Italy. We have been craving this sandwich for a long time and I found this amazing spot in New York City @paninerianyc

They have lot of vegetarian options and you can make your own sandwich as well. We ordered their Sicilia panini that has tomatoes, artichokes and fresh mozzarella and we asked them to add little spice to it so they added picante sauce that made it taste perfect. Simple and fresh ingredients gave it the best flavors.
We also got their vegetarian Italian sandwich that has sun-dried tomatoes, fresh ricotta cheese, parmigiano cheese and we got them to add the picante sauce. This sandwich hit the spot. The flavors were so good and the bread was nice and crusty. This was by far one of the closest sandwiches I have eaten in Usa when comparing it to the one from Italy.

We also got their pasta for my son that tasted very good, although I thought the quantity was less for the price I paid.

The tiramisu tasted ok, I thought the liquor was too strong but the cannoli was so good. It was made with fresh ricotta and the wafer had the right amount of sugar. It melted on our mouth.

As far as ambiance, it’s a small shop that has seatings available but nothing fancy. I would say it was upgraded version of a deli.

I am adding this place to my favorite list for Italian Paninis.

Sicilia Sandwich

Vegetarian Italian Sandwich 


My Review

COST: $$$
CUISINE: Italian Sandwich
FAVORITES: Sicilia Sandwich, Vegetarian Italian Sandwich 
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 3
Overall rating: 4