We love Middle Eastern food and Moustache Pitza has been on list for the longest time. I finally got a chance to try this place last weekend. This Lebanese bakery inspired restaurant has variety of vegetarian and vegan options. They have been around since 1988 and its a family owned restaurant. The ambiance is nothing fancy but very simple, they have an outdoor seating available. The restaurant has a ethnic feel if you were to sit inside. The best part about this restaurant is fresh Pita that is made to order. These fluffy warm breads are paired with  fresh prepared mezze. Everything we tried tasted so delicious and  you cant beat the fact that everything was prepared right when we ordered.

We got their Hummus and Labne and both were nice and creamy, I needed to pair them with hot sauce that was freshly made with green chilies for a spicy kick. There are very few restaurants that can get their Babaghanouj right and this restaurant nailed it. We could taste the roasted eggplant flavor in every bite. My favorite was Muhammara that is made with walnuts, spices and red peppers. This one had lots of flavors especially spicy one and the texture was perfect. Everything was paired with their fresh made to order poofy pita bread that was so soft and it melted in our mouth . 

We also got their Zatter bread that tasted so delicious, we could tell that their zatter seasoning was made in house as it tasted very fresh and different from a store bought seasoning. My ultimate favorite was their falafel. We had no room to eat but I wanted to try it so we got it as a side and it was just one of the finest falafel I have eaten. The falafel and the creamy tahini melted in my mouth. If any can ask me to rate the best falafel in the city, then I have to see it will be part of my top 3 list. 

For dessert we got their Baklava and Pistachio Ice Cream. The baklavas melted in our mouths, I highly recommend trying it if you visit this place. The pistachio ice cream had the right amount of sugar and chunks of pistachio that tasted so good. 

This a family owned restaurant and the service was outstanding, they were willing to accommodate all our needs and offered few things on house as well  

I added Moustache Pitza to my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant list. 



Zatter Bread




Falafels with Tahini






Some tips:

They do not take reservations
1. Try to go with bigger group so you can eat more varieties as quantities are huge
2. I highly recommend trying their Falafels, try to minimize the mezze 
3. If you want less quantity of something, let them know as its family owned they are willing to accommodate

My Review 

Moustache Pitza

COST: $$
CUISINE: Middle Eastern 
FAVORITES: Falafels, Muhammara, Pita, Baklava, Zaater bread  
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 4
Overall rating: 5

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)