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Few days ago I went to an amazing Mexican Restaurant. The first time I went 6/7 years ago, I added this place to my favorite list so when we decided to go for dinner after work I wanted revisit this restaurant and see if the food quality has not changed.

The ambiance was beautiful, the restaurant had an outdoor seating available with heated lamps as it was super cold few days ago. The table and the layout was super cute for both indoors and outdoor seatings.

We got their Margaritas and each of us got different flavor and all of the drinks tasted very good. They sugar level was perfect and it tasted refreshing. They do not serve chips and salsa on the house so we ordered Salsa and Guacamole combo with chips for appetizers. Most Mexican restaurants I go to have chips that are stale and for a change these were not stale and were crispy. The Guacamole was on point and was very well presented. The highlight were the salsa that tasted so good especially the verde salsa.

They had 4 vegetarian options on their menu and last time I had tried their Tacos that I tasted very good, this time I got chilaquiles which was new addition to their menu. I asked them to subtract the egg for me and they were able to accommodate that. This tasted absolutely amazing. The nachos strips were super crunchy and it was paired with a chipotle sauce and cotija cheese. It included sautéed veggies and topped with pickled onions. Can’t tell you how good this tasted. My friends got non vegetarian food and they all loved everything they got. Most of them got tacos and one person got Fajita and they were raving about the food.

We got Churros for dessert that served with caramel and chocolate sauce and this one tasted good but not outstanding. The chocolate sauce was very good.

Overall I highly recommended visiting this La Loteria. 

The Chilaquiles

The Guacamole & Salsa 


Guava Margarita 

La Loteria

COST: $$$
CUISINE: Mexican
FAVORITES: Chilaquiles, Churros, Guacamole/Salsa Combo, Tacos
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 5
Overall rating: 5