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There are very few Indian restaurants that has perfect food, perfect ambiance and perfect service. I have explored so many restaurants in the city and most of them are missing something. I have been to Khiladi several times and I have to say this restaurant is one of my top rated Indian restaurants in the city. The food and service is so good that I love to keep on going back. If you have not tried already then I highly recommend visiting Khiladi. 

The ambiance is very good, the wall paper, wall decor and the glass windows makes this restaurant feel a little fancy. They have outdoor seatings available and the beautiful painting right outside the restaurant is giving it all the Indian fusion feels. 

When we visited the restaurant for the first time, at first I was not too sure about their fusion dishes. We started with Idly Nuggets that has become one of my favorite dishes at the restaurant. The Idlis are stir fried with podi masala and served as little bites with Sambhar and chutney. The idlis are nice and soft and the podi masala is just perfect. It adds right amount of flavors and crunch to the Idlis. The sambhar that tastes so authentic and the chutney was super delicious. It works so well as a whole dish. The next dish we ordered was Rasam Dreams. My husband who is a huge fan of Rasam gave this dish a 100. The noodles worked so well with the Rasam and it was burst of authentic flavor with fusion twist of adding noodles in the mouth. The next dish we ordered was yogi puffs that is same thing is Dahi Puri. The puri they used was so crunchy and the filling of yogurt with the masala tasted very good. It had right amount of spice and sweetness. Not displayed in the pictures, but we also tried their Idly Poutine and at first I was skeptical on how would it taste but it was insanely good. The creaminess of the poutine paired so well with the Idly. I was a huge fan. We have tried their Filter coffee as well and its just perfect and the  Gulab Jamun with ice cream tastes so delicious. Over all we felt that there is no mess with the flavors even though they are trying to create an Indian fusion. Everything was authentic and tasted so delicious. 

The service was perfect from the minute we walk in the restaurant. They are ready to accommodate any of you needs. The manager and the servers of the restaurant create a friendly environment. The service is fast and they go out of their way to make you happy. 

Its is one of my top 5 Indian restaurants in Manhattan so I highly recommend adding this place to your must try list. 



Rasam Dreams

Idly Nuggets

Yogi Puffs 


Mango Lassi Popsicle 

My Review 


COST: $$$
CUISINE: Indian Fusion
FAVORITES: Idly Nuggets, Idly Poutine, Rasam Dreams, Filter Coffee, Yogi Puffs  
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 5
Overall rating: 5

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)