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Isn’t it true when we make full course meal at home it won’t taste as good as eating it out at a restaurant in a thali form especially when someone is serving garam garam rotli 

The meal I had yesterday was absolutely one of the finest Thalis I have eaten in USA. Nothing felt so satisfying after eating the most comforting full course meal along with mithai and farsan. It just took me back to the jamadwar feasts from India.

The flavors were bang on, my favorite was kathiyawadi thali as it had rotlo that was cooked to perfection, sev tameta nu shaak and ringda no oro that had the perfect smoky flavors. They served us variety of pickles that tasted so delicious and some chaas. Food was unlimited if you order thali and they serve you in tiny vessels to begin with so you don’t end up wasting too much food. The service was out of the world and gave us a homely feeling. I would absolutely visit this place often and will want all my friends and family to try it at least once.


Gujarati & Kathiyawadi Thali 

Kathiyawadi Thali

Condiments & Chaas




1. Try to go before 12:30pm to reduce wait time for lunch.
2. Go there hungry as you will be eating lot of good food.
3. If it’s your first time then you must get Thali. Gujarati thali has undhiyu, rice and dal while Kathiwadi Thali has rotlo, ringda no oro, kadhi and khichdi and other items
4. Try not fill yourself up drinking the chaas
5. Get their medium spicy version as we thought spicy had too much oil
6. Their shrikhand is made in house and tastes so delicious, it’s expensive but well worth it 

My Review
Kathiyawadi Kitchen 

COST: $$
CUISINE: Indian Gujarati
FAVORITES: Gujarati thali, Kathiyawadi thali, Shrikhand 
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 3
Overall rating: 4

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)