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Jersey City has developed so much in last 3 years. When we moved to this neighborhood, we were lacking good restaurants. Today we have so many options around us. Hudson & Co. opened few years ago and its just a walk away from my home. I have been to this restaurant several times and I love their food and the view from this restaurant is to die for. 

I love the ambiance in this restaurant as its super chill and you cant beat the New York City view as a back drop. The outdoor seatings are the best as their patio is huge. The restaurant is first come first serve unless you are a party of 6. 

The cocktail menu is extensive and the drinks taste good. The food menu is limited for vegetarians but it tastes good. We usually go here for their burger, pizzas, salads and fries. We got their Burrata & Peaches that tasted very good. The peaches were grilled and tasted fresh and the vinaigrette paired very well with the Burrata. We also got their tossed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette. The salad tasted very good especially with the chopped pepperoncini that gave a nice sour twist to it. The Margherita classico pizza and the Black Truffle pizza, both tasted very good. The fries are next level as they are made to order and are super crunchy. They carry tater tots instead of fries now but once in a while they are able to make fries. In past we have tried their vegetarian burger and sushi rolls and they are nothing extra ordinary but taste good. 

The service is good unless the are overwhelmed then they take a little long time to bring the food. I highly recommend carrying a light jacket as it gets windy when you are sitting outside. 

Overall if you are in the area and want to go to a restaurant with the waterfront view then this restaurant is a good option. In my opinion the food is nothing extra ordinary but it tastes good. 

Burrata & Peaches  

Greek Salad   


Margherita Pizza classico 

View from the Restaurant


My Review 

Hudson & Co.

COST: $$
CUISINE: American 
FAVORITES: Burrata, Salad, Truffle Pizza, Fries
Taste: 3
Service: 3
Ambience: 5
Overall rating: 3.5

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)