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I have been to many fusion Indian restaurants in New York City and most of them try to give a twist to non-Indian dishes by adding Indian flavors to it. Gazab on the other hand  has something very different to offer, they have made authentic Indian dishes using a non traditional  vegetable or ingredient. I was surprised at how amazing everything tasted even though they used different ingredients. They have a very simple menu but everything on their menu tasted absolutely delicious. 

The décor in the restaurant is beautiful and they have a modern Indian feel. They do not have any outdoor seating available at the moment. The indoor seating is spacious and comfortable. 

Since they just recently opened  they are offering Mango lassi on the house. Most Indian restaurants add cardamom or nuts to their lassi and to be honest I don’t like it that way as I always grew up having original mango lassi. This Mango lassi had no additional ingredients but just simple mango and yogurt and it tasted perfect. The first dish we got was Beet Dahi puri. The beet yogurt mousse was so light and airy and the avocado and potatoes filling was perfectly spiced and it gave bursts of so many flavors in the mouth. I have never eaten the dahi puri this way and this was so delicious. The next dish we ordered was a Bok Choy Chaat. Have you ever tried a chaat made of this vegetable? Boy Choy was so crispy and it was dressed up with yogurt and chutneys. The chutneys tasted so fresh and the flavors were bang on. Everything came together so well and I never knew that Bok Choy can taste this good when put together in a chaat form. I liked every single dish but Gobi Manchurian was my favorite amongst everything we tasted. Although this is a most common dish in Indian restaurants, I thought this was by far the best Gobi Manchurian I had in USA. The cauliflower was crunchy from outside and nice and soft from inside and the flavors were out of the world. This was paired with a sour cream mousse that tasted so delicious and went so well with the Gobi Manchurian. The next dish we tried was Tandoori Pineapple and I have never seen dish listed on any Indian restaurant’s menu. The cotija cheese, mint and fennel flavor complemented the juiciness of the perfectly grilled pineapple. The dish was very well improvised and served so beautifully. For the main course we got their Kale Spinach Paneer. The Kale and Spinach gravy was so creamy and full of flavors. My husband who is not a huge fan of Kale loved this dish and the paneer was so soft and not chewy. We also got their Artichoke Mattar Makhana and this was my 2nd favorite dish after Gobi Manchurian. The fried artichokes hearts served with fox nuts was just insanely delicious. This dish offered so many textures and flavors and it was vegan. Every bite of this dish was making me want more . For dessert we got their Gulab Jamun that is made in house. The Gulab Jamun was nice and soft and tasted perfect. 

The service was very good, the food arrived quickly and they made sure to make us feel  comfortable. I am adding this restaurant to my favorite list. I highly recommend trying this restaurant if you haven’t already. 

Beet Dahi Puri 

Bok Choy Chaat 

Gobi Manchurian 


Tandoori Pineapple 


 Kale-Spinach Paneer 

Artichoke Mattar Makhana 

Mango Lassi 

Gulab Jamun 


My Review 


COST: $$$
CUISINE: Modern Indian
FAVORITES: Gobi Manchurian, Artichoke Mattar Makhana, Bok Choy Chaat, Mango Lassi 
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 4
Overall rating: 4.5

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)