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I have been to Connecticut so many times but it was most of the time it was  a stop over on our way to and from Boston. This was the first time in many years we decided to visit our friends who live there and explore some fun areas. I have seen so many places develop over the years and the food scene has gotten so much better. My favorite area for food is West Hartford. There are so many restaurants that has lots of vegetarian options available. Our friends who live there insisted that we must visit Barcelona Wine Bar  in West Hartford that is known for its drinks and tapas. We made reservations to this restaurant and here I am sharing my review for this restaurant. 

Barcelona Wine Bar is a tapas bar inspired by Spain. It was very easy to get the reservation and we brought my son along with us and thought the place is kid friendly. We reserved a spot for lunch so we could beat the crowd and thoroughly enjoy the food. The ambiance was very fancy and there is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating available.

We started with their Sangria pitcher for the table and it tasted super refreshing. They have an extensive drink and food menu. We found lot of interesting vegetarian options on their menu. They served us sour dough bread and olive oil on the house when we arrived. The bread was so fresh and crusty and tasted very good with olive oil. The bread definitely reminded me of Europe. We started with Patatas Bravas that had mayo, salsa brava and garlic on it. This tasted super delicious and the salsa and paprika paired very well with the creamy mayo and crunchy potatoes. My son was a huge fan of this dish and he picked this over fries and ate most of it. The next dish we ordered was fried Shishito peppers that were served with lime and sea salt and this was served super fresh as they were crispy from outside. We got their Eggplant Caponata that was Eggplant served in a tomato and garlic curry with sweet peppers and basil. This was one of my favorites as it had sweet, tangy and spicy flavors and tasted very good when paired with bread. Mushrooms A Plancha was another dish that tasted super delicious. The mushrooms were chopped into small pieces and were flavored with a tangy seasoning. My son also got their olive oil pancakes and the texture of this one was fluffy. The last dish which was also my favorite was Ricotta Montadito that was ricotta cheese and grilled cherry tomatoes served on a toasted bread. The bread was crunchy and the tomatoes were so juicy.  For dessert we got Basque Cheesecake and this was my first time trying this amazing burnt cheesecake and I loved it. The texture was a little dense but it tasted very good. I cant wait to return back to this restaurant and try other things on their menu as we only had 1/2 of the vegetarian options they had available on their menu. 

The service was very good, our server went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable and got our food on time. We had few food modification request and they took care of everything. 


Sourdough Bread with Olive Oil 

Patatas Bravas 


Shishito Peppers 

Eggplant Caponata 

Ricotta Montadito

Basque Burnt Cheesecake

My Review
Barcelona Wine Bar 

COST: $$
CUISINE: American Breakfast 
FAVORITES: Scrambo, Breakfast Burrito 
Taste: 4
Service: 4
Ambience: 4
Overall rating: 4