One thing I miss here in USA is Mumbai street food. This weekend I finally visited newly opened @bombaywalaandco by chef @bijalbhimjiani. I was super excited as I have known the chef on social media for a while and I have been seeing her work on every details of her restaurant. I have to say guys this is the closest food you will get to Mumbai streets in USA.

The decor of this place will take you back to Mumbai and will give you the feel of being in the city. The menu is so overwhelming as there are way too many options and everything looked so tempting. We got their pavbhaji that was served exactly the way it served in Mumbai with a layer of Amul butter. The frankie where the paratha and filling has been perfected and it definitely tasted super delicious. The vegetable kolhapri that I have never seen in any Indian restaurant in US, tasted so delicious. The vadapav had the right flavors and batata vada filling was absolutely delicious with right amount of garlic and spice. The pahadi sandwich was absolutely amazing and you can tell how fresh the chutney was. Lastly we had chikoo milk shake and coconut shake as they had not started desserts and the shakes were so good and it was perfect end to our delicious meal. We were in foodcoma and I highly recommend trying this place.

Vada Pav 

Pahadi Sandwich 



Pav Bhaji


Some tips:

Make reservations ahead of time as it’s required for dine in
1. Try to go with bigger group so you can eat more varieties as quantities are huge
2. The price is high but I have to say the food is fresh and you will see the food will speak for itself
3. The Punjabi food will taste exactly how it tastes in Mumbai, very different from Punjabi restaurant but really good

My Review 

Bombaywala & Co.

COST: $$$
CUISINE: Mumbai Street Food
FAVORITES: Qutub Minar, Pahadi Sandwich, Frankie 
Taste: 5
Service: 5
Ambience: 4
Overall rating: 5

Rating scale 1-5 (5 being the best)